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So I thought that I would just write a quick blog post to let you all know how my interning in the features department at InStyle magazine went. I want to do this partly because before I started my internship I had a look at blogs that other previous interns had written about their experience. While a lot of the blogs were positive about their experience quite a few were not very enthusiastic or had written the post on the first day and said they were a little unsure about the whole thing and then never written anything about it again. Leaving it slightly ambiguous to whether or not they completed it or not. So to prevent other future interns who are a bit like me who research what others thought before they start and make themselves nervous I want to say that it was such an amazing experience.

If you haven’ read my previous blog post about starting my internship at InStyle then here is the link:

The people that work there are really lovely, I learnt so much about how a magazine works and some of the lingo like ‘pegs’ and I also got to do some amazing tasks like researching for articles, making a shortlist for potential cover stars and coming up with ideas for InStyle’s ‘The Look’ page. I really feel quite spoilt for having InStyle be my first internship as I got to try so many different tasks. I originally tried keeping up a list of all the different things I got to do e.g. forward culture planning, transcribing, tracking down every outfit a famous actress had worn in the last week… I ran out of space!

The thing is I really enjoyed doing all of these things. I did some of the usual jobs you expect an intern to do like sorting the post and sorting but I genuinely was happy to do it! It all was part of this amazing experience which I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do.

There is really so much I want to say but before this post turns into one long diary entry for the last four week I think it is best if I stop. Instead I will just give a couple of tips to future interns of InStyle and in general.

Tips for future interns:

  • Be enthusiastic and ask if there is anything you can help anyone with if you have nothing to do. This is often when you get set the most interesting tasks as people may think you are busy and not want to ask.
  • Try to make friends with other interns in the building. You can pretty much tell who the interns are in the canteen at IPC as we all are sat on our own reading a book at lunch time. I did this for the first week until I started just chatting to ¬†interns from other magazines in the photocopier room and talking to people that look like they might be a similar age in the canteen. I would note that there is only one features intern which is good in some ways, because you get to do a lot more interesting jobs than if it was split amongst a couple of you, but it also means that you have to make an extra effort to meet other interns than say the fashion interns who are already working in a group. It is really nice to have friends to chat with at lunch and you are more likely to hear when a sale is on!
  • Sale?! Yes they have sales in the building run by each of the magazines when their stock gets to much and they need to clear out their cupboards. Make sure to keep a look out for them as they are incredible. The magazine have great cosmetics, clothes, books, kitchen utensils (depends on the magazine) for ridiculous prices. I am a big sale lover and I have braved the boxing day sales. Yet I have never been to a sale with quite such incredible deals as the few I have attended while working at IPC. There are ¬£30- 40 designer cosmetics selling for 50p and designer shoes selling for ¬£3.

I am going to sound completely cheesy but it was one of the best experiences I could have asked for and due to being a little bit cheeky and wandering around the floor with my CV I have been offered some interning at ‘Women and Home’ starting straight away. Not sure which department I am working in yet but very excited to get some more experience!

If anyone has any questions about interning or InStyle I answer all comments so please ask away. As usual I love likes, comments and follows so feel free to make my day and click away!

Carrie x

4 thoughts on “InStyle InTerning

  1. It sounds really good I really want to do some interning over my summer but I dont know how, how did you get yours?? You are so lucky :D
    If I get any work experience I will do this!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Carrie!
    I was in NY last summer doing a design internship. I graduate this spring and am planning on going back. Strictly applying to PAID positions- and I heard that InStyle Internships are paid! I’m glad to hear you had a good experience, I’m on the lookout for more internship postings from them in the near future.

    Again, thanks for the post! I’m a new follower of yours. :)

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